We are a premier provider of acupuncture in the tristate area and a full-service facility of physical medicine and rehabilitation based in lower Manhattan. 

We use acupuncture, physical therapy, and medication to treat musculoskeletal pains, joint pains, and neuralgia. 
The common conditions we treat in this category include:
   - Headaches/ migraine  
   - Shoulder pain (rotator-cuff injuries) - Hip/knee pain  
   - Trigeminal neuralgia  
   - Pain associated with postural imbalance (neck/shoulder/back)
   - Dysmenorrhea 
   - Various foot pain (plantar fasciitis etc)  
   - Lower back pain 
   - Neck pain 

Post-op rehabilitation for orthopedic surgery and neurosurgery, such as:
   - Joint surgery (knee reconstruction, hip replacement)
   - Neck and back surgery
   - Carpal-tunnel surgery

We also use acupuncture to treat stress-related pain and other conditions, like: 
   - Insomnia
   - Irritable bowel syndrome
   - Allergy
   - Eczema
   - Depression/anxiety
   - PMS
   - Severe menopause symptoms
   - Infertility
   - Stress-induced sexual dysfunction
   - Fibromyalgia
   - Edema
   - Chronic fatigue syndrome
   - Facial rejuvenation
   - Weight control

Our treatment approach is first to relieve or decrease pain, stress, and discomfort, then target the underlying causes of the imbalance or malfunction of systems in the body to bring functioning back to normal.  

We are confident that through our expertise and our dedication to patient care we can help relieve patients’ pain while preventing a recurrence of the symptoms that caused them to seek our help in the first place.